Welcome to Robert B. Daugherty Foundation Grant Application System.

This system may be used to:

  • Start a new application
  • Access and continue to work on an in-process application
  • View applications that have been submitted
  • Submit grant requirements
Helpful tips:
  • You should create only one account and password to be shared by all users in your organization.
  • Passwords should contain 5-25 characters.
  • Make sure all users who will be working with your grant applications have access to this e-mail address and password.
  • Be sure cookies are enabled on your internet browser. -
  • Please add the e-mail address grants@daughertyfdn.org to your address book to ensure you receive our automated e-mails.
  • A listing of information you will need to complete your application can be found at www.daughertyfdn.org. We recommend you review this list prior to beginning the application in order to organize your thoughts and eliminate redundancy in your responses.

Important software information:
Robert B. Daugherty Foundation uses MicroEdge GIFTS© software for our online applications. You are not able to work in more than one application that uses the MicroEdge GIFTS© software at the same time, even if the applications are for different Grantors. The software allows you to save only one application if multiple applications are open. You can save responses into a Word document and then cut and paste into your application from the Word document.

You will know you are in a MicroEdge GIFTS© application when the webpage address begins with "www.grantrequest.com". Please log out of any other applications using this software prior to beginning or editing an application.

If you are a first-time user of our system:
- Click the "New Applicant?" link underneath the e-mail address field below.
- Follow the on-screen prompts.

If you have an established account on this system:
- Enter your e-mail address and password.
- Click "Log in" to continue.

If you encounter difficulty logging in, please call 402-933-4663 or e-mail grants@daughertyfdn.org for assistance.