Welcome to the Mat-Su Health Foundation's online grant and scholarship program. Please contact our Program Assistant, Vickie Reese at 907-352-2872 if you have questions or concerns related to any of MSHF's applications.

Dear Applicant,  Great changes are on the horizon here at Mat-Su Health Foundation. As we mentioned last week, we will be transitioning to our new grants management platform and will be taking a bit of a “spring break” of our own. Our grantee porthole will be closed as of midnight March 15, 2021 and when we reopen on Monday, March 22, 2021, it will be with our new system providing enhanced capabilities for the future. MSHF has provided additional information on our website at the following URL: https://www.healthymatsu.org/how-we-fund/grantee-portal-update. We are excited about this change and think you will be too. As always if you have questions please email us at grantsmanagement@healthymatsu.org. Thank you for your patience during our transition.  Grants Management  Mat-Su Health Foundation